Maung Maung Year 6 Recount Writing Immersion Assembly

After a long 2 weeks of holiday we finally came back from our break and our new theme for the term was make it work! First we lined up in a good line and walked to the hall for the immersion assembly. Then when we sat down on the cold and uncomfortable floor we saw a big leak from the roof but luckily our principal put a big water tank under it and it was massive. The principal and his helpers showed us how to siphon the dirty water in the tank to a random puddle and it was pretty interesting to see how it worked.

After that it was time for team one to do their performance, their performance was a movie instead of a play. Their movie had a white small dog running away from the owner and going into their neighbours house and the dog would always dig in their garden. When the dog ran, the owner was checking their mailbox and saw a letter that had the phone number of a company that would help keep their dog near them and not run away.

After team one’s performance it was time for team two to perform and in my opinion there one was the 3rd funniest. Their movie was the team two teachers thinking about themselves but as superheroes and in their imagination they would have them as superheroes and they would build a pool or a building or a park. When their performance was done they explained to the kids that for the term they would be making stuff and building a bay for their classes.

After the team two’s performance it was team three’s performance! Their performance was a movie combined with a play and it was really funny and interesting. Their performance was about a teacher travelling back to the stone age with no technology like phones, ipads, etc. First the main character woke up in her bathrobe and she was shocked and scared because she time travelled back to the stone age and when she woke up she was surrounded by dirt and the skin of dead animals. The main characters had to use animal fur as a shirt and pants then she was going to drink but a dinosaur took her cup and drank it in front of her. The main character was jealous but she realised that being in the stone age they would run around so she was really strong and she made food but instead of the dinosaur eating it she ate it as fast as she could. Then she learnt how to make noises so she called her neighbours and they all went to the river to catch fish and they caught a lot of fishes!

When team 3 finished their performance it was team 4’s term to perform and team 4 did a movie. The movie had seven kids and the first clip was the kids putting their bags on the ground near room 8,7,6. The next clip was 3 kids in a group and another 3 kids in another group and they were just sitting down and talking but the last person was just sitting alone without anyone to talk to. After that clip another clip showed everyone sitting down on a big picnic table but there were 4 kids sitting on one side but only 2 on the other side so the chairs that the 2 people were sitting on started to rise because it was so light. Then 1 kid was standing still to hold the sports equipment while the other kids just put the ball on him but since there was too much the balls started to fall off him. After that clip the movie ended and our leader explained that for this term team 4 would also be building stuff for team 4.

Lastly it was team 5’s turn. Team 5 also did play like team 3 and I really liked it because they made a song and we also had to sing along. I liked it because the singer told us bad stuff about what the kids would do and in one of the lines it made a joke of one of the teacher’s hairlines. Everyone in the hall laughed at the song and we couldn’t stop laughing because it was too funny. After that we all started to sing along while having a great time together.

This experience I had was fun because I felt different emotions like at team 1 I was kinda bored and didn’t like it. On team 2 I only kinda liked it and I was pretty bored but on team 3 I loved it because there were a lot of props on the stage. Team 4 was the 2nd best in my opinion as it had funny clips and gifs on the movie. Team 5 was the best one in my opinion because the jokes were really hilarious and funny.

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