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Writing task

Jacinda Ardern was the prime minister and leader of the labour party she became prime minister in 2017 and quit in 2023. Jacinda Ardern is 42 years old and she became prime minister when she was 37.  Jacinda ardern was born on 26th July 1980 and she was on our tv when it was lockdown. Jacinda Ardern was the prime minister for 5 years. Jacinda Ardern has 1 child and her name is Neve.

tupaia research task

Polynesian Explorers

Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.


  1. When, and where was Tupaia born?


  1. a) Around 1825 in Rā‘iātea
  2. b) Around 1725 in New Zealand
  3. c) Around 1825 in New Zealand
  4. d) Around 1725 in Rā‘iātea


  1. Rā‘iātea is a part of which larger group of islands? 


  1. a) Samoa       b) Tahiti
  2. c) Rapa Nui      d) Micronesia


  1. What was the name of the British official sent to secure British rule over NZ?


  1. a) William Johnson           b) Abel Tasman
  2. c) William Hobson d) Captain James Cook


  1. One day, more people would come – a different kind of people altogether. They would arrive on a canoe with no outrigger and would change everything: “And this land will be taken by them” Vaita said

Did this prophecy come true? Explain.

→this prophecy did come true because a strange vessel was seen off the coast of tahiti.


  1. Only about 20 of the painted hoe that were given to Captain Cook in 1769 by Māori survive.


  1. a) True b) False


  1. Describe the role that Tupaia had on board the Endeavour – what did he do on Captain Cook’s ship?


→ Tupia had the role of translating languages and he also had the role of navigating.


interpreter A person who provides an oral translation between speakers who speak other languages. Tupaia was an interpreter because he helped captain cook to talk with other people.
diplomat A person appointed by a national government to conduct official negotiations and maintain political, economic, and social relations with another country or countries. The president will meet a foreign diplomats.
indigenous  Native people of countries. There are lots of indigenous people in the world.


  1. Explain the four reasons why Hoe were important, and special pieces of technology for Maori.

→ hoe were important for maori because the maori could use it to sail.

→ hoes were also important for Maori because they have spiritual importance.

→ Maori spent a long time putting detail in the hoes.

→ hoes were important in all life.


  1. Tupaia (up until recently) and much more Polynesian history remains oral history (that means told by speaking). How can we ensure that this history is available to learn for future generations? Try to come up with at least 2 ways.


→ we can teach our younger generation about Tupaia by making them read books about Tupaia.


We can teach the younger generation about Tupaia by telling them stories about Tupaia or explaining them what Tupaia did in the past.