Maung Maung 200 word challange

200 Word Challenge


The 200 Word Challenge is an opportunity to practice writing using just the right words. 200 Words might sound like a lot, but once you get going you’ll find yourself crossing that line easily, so be careful to only say what you NEED to. 

(This whole thing is over 100 words already)


For Week One your challenge is to write a 200 word recount of a time you…


Tasted the best food you’ve ever tasted.


Remember! This week we have been learning about chronological order. Make sure you get the sequence of events in the right order.


Once on a cloudy night my mother let me and my sister go to a place called Xiolongkan Chinese Hot Pot. When we arrived we ordered raw beef and uncooked noodles and a spicy hotpot and when I first saw the food on the table I got hungry. First I grabbed a piece of raw beef with chopsticks and kept it in the hotpot for ten seconds. Then I put it in a tiny bowl and ate it quickly because it was delicious. Then my mum put the uncooked noodles into the hotpot bowl and when it finished I grabbed a lot and I ate it really fast. When the food was nearly gone we ordered a lot more food because it was too delicious and we were barely full. We ordered more beef because it was my favourite meat and ate most of it and only left a little for my family. My sister’s favourite was the noodles because she loves noodles and my mothers favourite was the vegetable. Then we got full and we paid and we stood up and walked to the exit and we got back into our car and I was really exhausted from eating.

One thought on “Maung Maung 200 word challange

  1. Hey Maung Maung,

    I havent been to a Hot Pot in years – we had a homestay for a while who would take us to one all the time, but I wasn’t old enough to be trusted with actually cooking. I reckon it’d be way more fun if they trusted me to do it, but I probably would have set something on fire!

    Two things to work on for next time; try to use more variety in the way you start sentences; it’s easy for us to fall back on the “when” and the “then”, but part of good writing is variety, and mixing up the ways we start sentences keeps things fresh and not repetitive.

    I’d also love for you to include more descriptions – what did things look like, smell like etc. (Remember our 5 senses task?) Using specific words to describe this really helps the audience to “see” and “feel” what you experienced.

    As usual, very good writing, but typical for Mr Hughes, always room for improvement!

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