Positive Heroes Blog Number 1

The sun shines in the air, the positive heroes are ready to save the day. Joygirl and Joyboy the joy duo use their positive eyes, a move that is like superman’s laser beam but instead it makes people joyful. The moon comes out and the villains rise! Mr Negative comes out of his base as thunder strikes and consumes his body. Joygirl and Joyboy hear the thunder and they go to check it out but then… SURPRISE ATTACK! Mr Negative strikes them with lightning and they fall, when they fell they called for backup. Flowergirl, Bloom boy and fastoid receive the call and they rush to the battle. Mr Negative strikes another lightning arrow at Flowergirl but Bloomboy blocks it and fastoid uses his light speed to quickly attack. Mr Negative retreats as he’s heavily outnumbered. Mr Negative creates troopers and he plans an all out attack. The night comes back Mr Negative sends all his troopers and they attack the heroes but the heroes counter attack and they turn Mr Negative into Mr Positive.

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