Maung Maung 200 word challenge

On December 5th, 1914. Me, Shackleton and the rest of my crew went on a expedition to Antarctica so our leader Shackleton could be the first person to go across Antarctica via south pole. We first got onto our boat named the Endurance and we set sail! When we were nearly at our destination named Vahsel bay the Endurance got stuck in packed ice so we first got off and set up a camp. We started to mine the packed ice off but every time we mine the ice and go to sleep then wake up there would be more ice. When the ice moved the Endurance would move with it but one of our crew members Dr Leonard Hussey played the banjo so we wouldn’t get our hopes down. We also played hockey and football when we were bored, but then one day we were just in our tents when we heard “The ship is sinking” we all ran out in a second just to see the Endurance sink. Me, Ernest, Worsley and 2 more men set sail on an open boat and we got to an island called Elephant island and we went to south georgia to seek for rescue.

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