Maung Maung Immersion assembly recount

Hello, my name is Maung Maung and I go to Pt England school. Today we had an immersion assembly because it was the first day of term 2! When team 5 arrived at the hall we sat down on our chairs, after that the show began. Mr Burt introduced our theme which is called transformers. After that Mr Burt called over his crew/the senior management crew.

The senior management crew ran down the middle and jumped onto the stage. Then the senior management crew tried on costumes, Mr Burt tried on spider-man costumes but he took the spider-man costumes off and stuck to a pharaoh costume. Mr Jacobson tried on a frog helmet but he decided to wear a soldier costume. Mr Sommervile wore a spider-man costume and Mrs Nua wore a Mrs incredible costume.

After the senior management crew tried on costumes, Mr Burt announced that it was time for team 1’s performance! Team 1’s performance was to guess the emotions and the contestants guessed it all! Team 2’s performance was how the kiwi protected the forest by eating all the insects that would kill the trees. Team 3’s performance was my personal favourite because it was based on Matilda, and a boy stuffing his face with chocolate cake. Team 4’s performance was also like team 1’s guess the emotions but instead of songs it was charades. Team 5’s performance was the story called Cinderella but it’s not like the one we all know. The story is like the one we grew up with but instead the prince decapitates the evil sisters.

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