rotorua people pre visit recount

First we lined up on the big mat sitting down waiting for a tape with our name on it and we put it on our shirt. Miss Parrant put room 10 into 4 groups of 6. Then we went to the hall to meet the Rotorua island people and work with them for the rest of the day. After that when we got to the hall we sat down on chairs. When we arrived the first thing we did was the Team 4 students watched the rotorua people do a skit about us going to rotorua island. When the skit was done we did bag searching so basically you get a bag and you have to search if the things inside are good or not. After that we brainstormed and wrote stuff on how to save the animals.After morning tea we went back to the hall and we did guess who but with people so basically a team would get cards that had an animal and one of the rotorua people had to guess.If they say stuff and if it was something the bird you have does then you stand up. If your team knows something that the bird doesn’t do then you have to sit down. After that we planted a harakeke and then we went back to class to eat lunch. After lunch we came back to the hall and everyone was tired so we just watched videos and then i had to go home early so idk what the other people did. Basically we did activities with the rotorua people and learnt stuff about the island and the animals there.I felt excited at the start but then in the middle i was a little tired but at the end i was tired and was about to sleep.

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