Month: July 2022

MOTAT thank you LETTER

Dear Nicol,

My name is Maung Maung from Pt England school. I really appreciate you helping me and the rest of my class at MOTAT.

My favourite part was the telephone place and the coding part. I really liked looking at how people used to communicate with each other with phones and codes.

I hope you have a really good life and day. I wish I was able to go back to MOTAT section 2 with the group we were with!

Yours sincerely,

Maung Maung

Holiday Blogging Topic

Task description: Today I have finished my Topic to learn about for Holiday blogging. The holiday blogging challenge will take place during these school holidays and some of us were lucky enough to be able to select the topics, I was one of those people! I think we should learn about the Minions, check out my topic to learn about above.