Maung Maung Writing

There once was a boy name Maung Maung who wanted revenge on a guy named Max for killing his parents. The first thing he did was go on his flying ship and sail across the sky to reach aoe island. When he was sailing across the sky a mangle bird attack his ship so he started to fall down the sky but luckily he landed in the water that was soft, When he fell into the water he started to drown but he swam up and made it to a random island name moe island. When he made it to moe island he layed down and fell asleep until the mangle bird came and attacked him, He picked up a katana he found and he fought the bird. When he was fighting the mangle bird 2 more came but Maung Maung fought them all and he was the last one standing. When he was about the finish off the mangle bird he saw a baby mangle bird so Maung Maung didn’t kill the mangle birds. Maung Maung healed the mangle bird and used them to fly to aoe island, when he got to aoe island he got his katana and entered a temple with alot of buddha statues. When he was walking the buddha statues started to move, when Maung Maung turned around he got attacked by the 1000 arm buddha. He got wounded so badly he ran to the other room, when he got to the room he saw Max so he got his katana and rushed to max but max took his katana out and broke his katana and Maung Maungs katana so they used their hands but since maung maung was wounded max won the battle.

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