Writing prompts

There once was kids playing with lego’s in a science lab, There also was a person who was trying to make a shrink ray. The person tested the shrink ray on a rat but the rat got bigger instead of smaller. The person fixed the shrink ray but accidentally used it on the kids so the person ran away because he didn’t want to go to jail.The kids was scared but they knew they had to make a house but they didn’t know what to use so they started to think. They got an idea and they grabbed the lego and made a tiny house, they also made a lego bed with a lego pillow. When they finished making the house they went outside for sum air but then another person stepped on their house by accident so the kids just gave up until the person made a giant ray to test on another rat. He saw the kids so he used the giant ray on them and they got their normal size again.

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