Month: March 2022

Water recount

My time in the water recount


WALT: recount a personal experience using correct sentence punctuation and sentences which make sense to the reader.


> 2 years ago I went to this waterpark called Splash Planet with my cousin and my family. It took 3 hours to get there, once we got there we had to wait in line for 20 minutes. When we got in I ran into the river that goes around the whole water park but it was so cold, After that I went to the hot pools that was so warm

And then I went to the go kart and nearly crashed but I didn’t. When we finished go kart we went to this aquarium that had a penguin and the penguin slid down the ice into water. Then we went to another room that had a big turtle and some fishes and also a stingray. Then we went to my cousin’s house and we played on the trampoline and then we went back home. This was a wonderful and I wished I could do it again.




once upon a time there was a rhino who liked to play football with his friends. He wanted to play with the humans but they didn’t allow the rhino to play with them so the rhino was super sad.the rhino got a plan to sneak in the stadium. The plan was the rhinos friend has to distract the guards to the rhino could break in and play a game with the human. When he did the plan it worked but there was a player who was waiting for the rhino. When the match started the player ran to the ball but the ball was different so the rhino popped the ball by accident. The player got hit by the rhino so the player went to the hospital.